Geeks 24/7 on Call

Software Installation Service

Installing home or business software has never been easier. From years, we
have been installing everything from Windows and Mac OSX to free
software and open source programs, getting you the most value for your
money. We’ve worked in small and large commercial environments, as well
as for home users with technical knowledge.

We know you want your problem fixed when it happens, so we out employ
technicians with outstanding abilities to meet those needs. Our thorough
training can help you save time and money down the long run.

Geeks 24/7 On Call provides installation services for software products and
hardware devices.

  1. Get the job over with fast!
  2. Maximize your time!
  3. You don’t have to worry about installation issues anymore!

When it comes to setting up your home computer, you don’t have time to
waste – and neither do we! If your broadband isn’t working, or you think a
virus got into your system, trust the team at Geeks 24/7 On Call to deal
with it.

It’s not just about computers, it’s about helping people through information
technology. From servers, to laptops to desktops, our team of experts can
help you find solutions for your business’ technology needs.

Geeks 24/7 offers a fast, professional and friendly software installation
service. Our services range from simple to extremely complex. Our
technicians are highly skilled with installation of all major software
products. We provide round the clock services and work 365 days a year.

We offer a wide range of solutions to install and run different kinds of
 We Are Fast!
 We can install or fix the problem in your computer while you wait.
 We have teams of well-trained and certified remote technicians ready
to help you out.